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Newmodeus die-cast aluminum caddies

Newmodeus caddy enclosures are manufactured in die-cast aluminum to dissipate heat from the HDD / SSD to help prevent overheating of the drive. The metal caddy enclosure also serves as a ground and also helps in reducing “noise”. All interface boards found in Newmodeus caddies have a built-in ferrite bead and capacitor. The ferrite bead is used to filter noise. The capacitor acts as a power reservoir to minimize any power fluctuations, thus ensuring an even, steady flow of power. We design and manufacture our products for high-end high performance applications.

Newmodeus has been manufacturing caddies for over 15 years and is the leading manufacturer of HDD/SSD caddies.


  • Die-cast aluminum metal enclosure manufactured to strict tolerances / dimensions
  • Caddy metal enclosure provides heat dissipation for drive--reducing drive overheating
  • Caddy metal enclosure serves as ground and helps reduce EMI noise
  • Built-in ferrite bead to filter noise,  reducing chances of data errors
  • On-board capacitor to maintain steady power draw reduces chances of data errors
  • Light-weight die-cast aluminum
  • Drives mount securely to bottom of caddy with four screws provided
  • Pre-configured with screw-holes for industry standard bracket mounting
  • Quality product and outstanding support & service