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2nd HDD Caddy Installation, HP Envy 17 -K000, -Kxxx Series


Your Newmodeus caddy kit will contain the following items:
1 x HDD/SSD Caddy
1 x metal tab bracket to be attached to the back of the caddy
2 x screws for metal tab bracket
4 x drive mounting screws


Step 1

Attach the "metal tab bracket" to the back of the caddy with the two screws provided.


This is what the metal tab bracket should look like when attached to the caddy.


Step 2

Insert hard drive or SSD into caddy.   SATA connector first.


Step 3

Secure hard drive or SSD to the underside of the caddy with the four drive screws provided.


Step 4

Turn laptop over and remove the screw that holds the CD/DVD Optical drive in place.


Step 5

Pull CD/DVD Optical drive out from drive bay.


Step 6

Time to insert HDD Caddy


Step 7

Secure caddy with screw at the bottom of laptop.


2nd HDD installation complete!